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Alexia Lavanchy is a Swiss designer and artist working and living in Geneva.

After completing her studies in visual communication at the Geneva University of Art and Design, she worked for several years as designer in visual communication before embracing an independent career and creating her own studio, "Pixin Créations visuelles".

In 2009, she was commissioned by the Infiniti brand (Nissan Group) to dress the walls of their European dealerships with ten oil canvas reproduced in limited screen printing. From 2011 and on, she has been exhibiting her creations in different Geneva gatherings such as the Tafkaj gallery, the Café Cult and the Café des Volontaires in Geneva. In parallel, she works on several tailored projects for interior architects such as the Delétraz workshops and individuals, in Switzerland and all over Europe.

Since January 2021, Alexia Lavanchy has chosen to add a string to her bow by beginning a certified training in intermediary art therapy. At the same time, she devotes herself exclusively to her artistic work.

Painting is a necessity that allows me to explore my inner world in constant motion where solid and liquid, material and immaterial, darkness and light, body and mind meet, intermingle and unravel. My creations, intuitive and timeless, give life to enigmatic and poetic landscapes, leaving room for each person to create their own narrative."

Alexia Lavanchy

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